DiMaggio being a badass IRL

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I expected more curb stomping and chainsaws.

#3 Posted by Al3xand3r (7574 posts) -

That was... Lame... Not funny... Or anything... I guess it's the writers that make Bender funny.
Also, he wasn't very badass... That poor drunk was like 1/3rd his size or something... And we didn't see him throw him out.

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he called himself bender
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He's god a bad as mullet.

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Should have said "threw" since there was no throwing being shown in the video. On that note, it's not everyday someone gets kicked out of a bar by a celebrity, I wonder how the guy felt afterwards.

#7 Posted by RsistncE (4496 posts) -

Whatever DiMaggio is just another fat wannabe athlete...like all baseball players.

#8 Posted by AndrewB (7692 posts) -

John DiMaggio. JOHN.

#9 Posted by jakob187 (21788 posts) -

I would've punched that fucker in the face for trying to grab my drink!!!  He's lucky that Marcus Fenix isn't as hostile as me!

#10 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (3909 posts) -

The best part of this video is that out of all possible songs, fucking Peace Train by Cat Stevens is playing in the background!  That's awesome.  :)

#11 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -

I <3 John DiMaggio.

#12 Posted by Keyser_Soze (1186 posts) -

Big 6' 4" guy acting touch against some smallish 5' something guy who's completely out of it. Yeah tough indeed.

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That was pretty pathetic. How many times did he mention Bender to the camera? Kinda just lost respect for the guy.

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