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Do not waste your money on Daikatana. 0

I would like to start off this review by saying: Do not waste your money on Daikatana. I know thats a pretty harsh way to start off a review, but I have never been more serious in my life. And I'm a pretty serious guy(most of the time).Daikatana for the PC was not the worst game by any means, but it was certainly not a good game. Underneath the bugs and the save issues and the poor AI, there was a respectful glitter of effort. At least the PC version has a soul. When I heard they were developing...

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Daikatana: With a little more work it could be considered awful. 0

My expectations were low. They were somewhere between my ankles and two feet below the earth. After playing through the first level, they were easily surpassed. The mosquito enemies were nigh impossible to see in the dark Marsh, and their incessant buzz had me darting about the level, scanning anything and everything above head level. I dreaded the break in their constant drone that signified an incoming melee attack, and this distraction led to the loss of my life multiple times due to the ...

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I played it so you don't have to! 0

Daikatana has a storied history which is covered sufficiently in the wiki and elsewhere. This review will concentrate on the game itself, rather the history behind the game.   Daikatana is mediocre at best. There is simply no better way to put it. The level design is uninspired. The sounds are mostly weak and inappropriate. The flow of the game is choppy. The texture work is busy and looks as though entirely too much detail was crammed into resolutions far too small.      For a good indicator of...

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