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Claims he "can dance Ryan Davis into the fucking ground" any time. Despite that claim, John was forced to eat his words in a Dance Central interview / dance off. (When describing his relationship with Ryan Davis) "We're like the peanut butter and chocolate of journalism and PR. And he's peanut butter, cause you know...he's sticky."

Fun Facts

  • Thought he could beat Ryan Davis at Dance Central. He was wrong.
  • Fell asleep on the couch during the Big Live Live Show: Live!. Will Smith accidentally woke him up.
  • Fell asleep again in the Big Live Live Show: Live 3.
  • Is a member of the band The Main Drag, which has Rock Band DLC available via Rock Band Network.
  • Is a fantastic dancer.
  • Was once one of the few people on the Giant Bomb wiki to be credited with a negative number of games.
  • Is annoyed by the fact that despite this being his wiki page, Ryan Davis is mentioned more often. Ryan Davis was not available to comment.
  • Has played a fair amount of Game Dev Story on the toilet.
  • According to Jeff Gerstmann, he is a slut and hardly counts as a person.
  • He has been unable to go more than one year without Alex Navarro humping him.
  • The "T" stands for "Tiberius". Probably.
  • The "T" actually stands for "Thomas".
  • Is powered by Diet Coke.
  • Is well known by his alias Chicago Spice.
  • Is not known as Chicago Spice.
  • According to statements made by John Drake and Eric Pope on The Big Live Live Show: Live 3, John Drake has an iPad mounted in his shower so he can watch Quick Looks while he showers.
  • Likes to wander around Piedmont park in Atlanta looking confused.
  • Is responsible for the 2012 nugget situation.
  • Was more Diet Coke than man during the E3 2013 Day 2 livestream.
  • You can only push him so far. Dave Lang crossed that line during the 2014 PAX East Giant Bomb panel.
  • Did not murder the 10 year old girl who's bed he slept in via Airbnb...according to him.
  • According to Two Iron Thrones Tour Live in Seattle, John T Drake can in fact twerk to Careless Whisper by George Michael.

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