banned8921's John Woo presents Stranglehold (PC) review

Fun is number 1 priority in this game.

I just beat John Woo presents: Stranglehold about 15 minutes ago, this games alot of fun I would have preferred to play it with a controller if mine hadn’t broken I would have but the mouse and keyboard works fine except I hate how they change the mouse speed when your in holdups it sucks because im so used to how far my mouse moves when I move it an inch that I cant get a hit so i have to do those sequences many times over. The cover system is great just as good as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune or Gears of War, but this is over the top violence and fun and the game is pretty long It gets repetitive in the middle but the end is amazing also the first level is amazing. I recommend this game to people who like Gears of War, and Max Payne. I give it a 4 because its amazing but the middle is kinda dull.


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    Good overlooked game. Tech is especially impressive 0

    It has been a long time since Max Payne 2, and Max Payne 3 is still a while away. In the meantime, we have Stranglehold, a fine action game that matches and in some ways, exceeds the cinematic carnage of the Max Payne series. As action games go, there is little in Stranglehold that you haven't seen before. Its lack of originality is forgivable though, when you consider that it is a successor to Hard Boiled, the Hong Kong action film that largely inspired the Max Payne series and many other games...

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    Wow,a max payne clone. 0

    John Woo's ''Stranglehold'' was not very enjoyable.Its an HUGE ripoff of max payne,i mean the moves and all is just Max payne....MAX FUCKING PAYNE! STORY: The story is about a guy named Tequila,a chinese agent on way to total max payne breakdown,hehe.The game begins in an explainatory Marketplace,yeah,a MARKETPLACE!,in Hong Kong.And then its about 13 levels or so. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is pretty bad.The moves are too max payne,but good i guess,i like max payne so good i guess.and if you get sho...

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