Jojo Bizarre Adventure characters that you want in ASB

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What Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters do you want to appear in All Star Battle

I would like to Rohan and Enrico Pucci to appear

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I'm only familiar as far as the recent anime goes, but I'd like to see Lisa Lisa the most out of those that have not been confirmed. I'd also want to see Cars, especially since Wham and ACDC are in.

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The President of the USA, Funny Valentine and Jesus Christ.

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my main man, Robert E. O. Speedwagon and his fancy hat!

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Foo Fighters (even though I can't imagine what her moveset would be), Buccellati, Narancia, Annasui. There's probably a good few who would make good stage obstacles or background activity, like what we've seen of Weather Report and the frogs. I just can't think of very many right now. Maybe a Pucci level with the background moving in fast forward.

I can't imagine Buccellati won't make it in, if Mista did. Buccellati is pretty much the main character of Part5 (sorry Giorno).

Annasui would be good, give him a bunch of unique quotes/actions when fighting Jolyne.

Seconding Diego, with alternate form The World version.

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iggy would make an interesting character to play but yeh diego and or funny valentine ftw

ghost baby ?

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As cool as Iggy is I'm hoping they're done adding Part 3 peeps.

Valentine would probably work as a super hard boss character, with the player having to use special tricks or something to beat him, like beating him with a 100% damage combo. I think his ability is too weird to work into a playable moveset without severely toning it down.

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@rubberluffy: well yeah i guess you're right on both points ,but then again part 3's dio wasn't that op in his previous incarnation , despite having similar powers of stupid cheating hax.

but yeah foo fighters would be really cool too.

hoping against pannacotta hehe.

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Diego, Mountain Tim and Yukako Yamagishi would be my choices. Diego might have a shot at being the bad guy for part 7, I can't even wrap my head around how to make Funny Valentine's powers work in a fighting game.

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I'd like to see them at least try to make Valentine work. Maybe every normal strike is another Valentine popping out of his cape to attack then just get crazy from there. Diego Brando could be pretty awesome even if he can't measure up to the real Dio. One of Kira's special attacks should be to whip out Stray Cat to attack. Other than that maybe Weather Report, Bucciarati, Diavolo, and the Red Hot Chili Pepper dude.

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