Koichi Hirose and Akira Otoishi (Part 4) Confirmed

#1 Posted by rubberluffy (521 posts) -

Josuke's friend Koichi will be playable, along with early antagonist Akira Otoishi. Both will be bringing their respective Stands, Koichi with Echoes and Akira with Red Hot Chili Pepper. I'm curious how they're gonna implement Koichi's evolving Stand, since Johnny Joestar also has one but he seems to just have Horse mode, and each Tusk act showing up in supers/specials. I imagine Kocihi will probably be a trick/trap type character. No opinion on Akira since I actually forgot who he was when this was announced and had to look him up. An electricity-based Stand could be implemented pretty easily.

#2 Posted by ShrimpDino (118 posts) -

Thats awesome :D
Nice to see more Part 4 characters

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Kars and Rohan confirmed.

#4 Posted by Mezmero (2351 posts) -

This is what I get for not keeping up with the foreign marketing. Of course Red Hot Chili Pepper would be in this. Who makes a fighting game without an electricity dude?

Kars and Rohan confirmed.

This just gets better and better.

#5 Posted by ShrimpDino (118 posts) -

Kars and Rohan confirmed.

Even more awesome news :D

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Kars is an obvious addition after the other Pillar men were added and Rohan, being the author self-insert that he is, is not unexpected, both good additions though.

Koichi is one of my favorites as well so I'm glad he was put in, but I had completely forgot about that Akira guy. The only character remaining that I really want in there now (and in fact the one I want in there the most among the non-Jojos) is Narancia with his Aerosmith. The suspense is killing me!

Hopefully they'll announce him alongside Bucciarati, who also really needs to be in it, sometime soon.

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I think I'm going to start playing some JoJo games before it's release.

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Diavolo, Bruno and Narancia are in from Part V:

#9 Posted by JackSukeru (6105 posts) -

@fluxwavez: Awesome! Now I'm fully satisfied with the roster. I hope they release another trailer soon to show some of these new characters off.

Still not a fan of Diavolos design, for someone who's supposed to be a grown man with a teenage daughter, as well as a mysterious mafia boss, he sure doesn't look intimidating at all. Luckily, his stand pulls some of that weight for him.

#10 Posted by ShrimpDino (118 posts) -

Awesome :D
I expected Diavolo and Bruno to be in the game but i was surprise that Narancia showed up

#11 Posted by rubberluffy (521 posts) -

Oh god I hope Narancia and Mista can do the dance at each other during battle.


King Crimson is the only thing cool about Diavolo. He's extra lame because he's sandwiched between the amazing Yoshikage and the interesting Pucci.

#12 Posted by Mezmero (2351 posts) -

Now all the characters I would have wanted made it into this game. I still want Valentine but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets omitted by his crazy power set alone. Has a character with ice powers been announced yet? If not they should go for Pet Shop or the dude who has White Album. It would be pretty cool if at least one of the animal characters made it. Preferably Foo Fighters.

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