Trailer #6

#1 Posted by rubberluffy (484 posts) -

Yessss. Features the newer announced characters and some game features. The President makes a stunning appearance. Some glimpses of alternate outfits, too, like Jonathan's striped shirt+ballcap outfit.

#2 Posted by Shinmaru007 (364 posts) -

So hyped! I've slowed down a bit making my way through the JoJo manga, but hopefully I'll be done with Stone Ocean (or close to it) by the time I get this. Regardless, choosing characters is going to be a nightmare. All of them look so great!

#3 Posted by rubberluffy (484 posts) -

And now we can enjoy a subtitled version of this trailer.

#4 Edited by Mezmero (2148 posts) -

My brain just exploded. Can't possibly get anymore hyped for this game. They got just about everyone I could have wanted with the exception of Diego Brando. Too bad importing it will be expensive as fuuuuck.


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