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Jon Hare a.k.a Jops was the heart of Sensible software and was the creative genies behind sensible software’s biggest titles.  Jon was the designer, graphic editor and musical genies for Mega-lo-mania, Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer.       


Media controversy

Jon Hare was subject to mainstream controversy from feminist groups due to comments he made when publishing the then upcoming XBLA version of Sensible World of Soccer. When asked “Do you think the game has aged well?” he replied:
“Yes, I believe it has as long as you can look past the graphics, Sensible Soccer has always been about how the game feels when you play it.  It is like an ugly girl that makes up for it by trying harder in bed and I believe the value in that has never been lost down the generations.   Also I think the depth of the choice and flexibility of teams and competitions is still unrivaled to this day.   Plus it is still best player/manager game on the market and has been since 1993/4.”

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