A stand up developer

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I'm pretty sure those shots of J-Blo were designed to give him a zen appeal. What I mean is that they tried to frame him as some wise old sage.

The dude makes solid points and gives good advice when not talking shit to Microsoft guys or ranting in someone's blog about how they misinterpreted Braid, though.

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he also makes solid points when talking shit to microsoft guys, actually.

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He's a very talented developer but he is also an outspoken douche.  Kanye West of the gaming industry.

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@verticalstripes said:

Kanye West of the gaming industry.

So true. Unquestionably talented, but needs to learn when to shut up.

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Good developer. I like his games, but he seems like a very unpleasant person.

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Anyone know what kind of keyboard that is? I've never seen one like it before.

Yeah, I've watched the movie three times now. Once by myself, another with a friend and third time with the Team Meat commentary. It was well worth $10.

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Rick Wakeman designs a game.

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