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 Jonathan and his partner, Ed Brown
After graduating from the academy, Jonathan Ingram became a police officer with the narcotics division of the LAPD. He was partners with Ed Brown, his best friend who he met at the academy. In 2008, shortly after becoming a police officer, Jonathan met his future wife, Lorraine, when her home was broken into. The two were married on August 24th, 2009. In 2011 Jonathan and Ed were accepted into the Policenauts, a group of astronauts with police training whose job was to protect Beyond
Jonathan and Lorraine on their wedding day
Coast, mankind's first space colony. After their Policenaut training the two moved to Beyond. Lorraine, who had been opposed to Jonathan joining the Policenauts, stayed behind on Home. In 2012 Jonathan took place in the first manned mission to Mars. In 2013 an accident while testing a prototype Yuri EMPS suit sends Jonathan drifting into space. A search and rescue is immediately started, but the search is abandoned a year later. In 2038 Jonathan was found by the unmanned exploration vessel Propaganda. He had survived the twenty-five years through
 A newspaper article about Jonathan's rescue
the cold sleep function of the EMPS suit's survival ball. As a result, Jonathan hadn't aged a day during the twenty-five years he was lost. When Jonathan awoke in a hospital bed on Home, he found that the Policenauts had been disbanded, and his wife had moved to Beyond and remarried. The accident had also left Jonathan with cosmophobia. After his muscles recovered from being in cold sleep for twenty-five years, Jonathan started to work as a private investigator in Old Los Angeles. He also takes up smoking shortly after his recovery. Three years after Jonathan's rescue, Lorraine visits Jonathan to ask him to investigate the disappearance of her husband, Kenzo Hojo.

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