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As a high ranking high elf ambassador, Joren is the owner of the Chalice of Kings, which is needed by enchanters to complete their epic weapon quest. Joren is willing to relinquish it in return for going to Chardok to investigate the sarnaks' prince. Unbeknown to him, Joren was also the target of an assassination gone wrong, which ripped apart the rogues guild known as the Circle of Unseen Hands.

Joren also owns the only known Ghoulbane sword in the world. Paladins seeking one of their must complete a lengthy quest, or, if one were so inclined, they could take it from the high elf by force. The Ghoulbane is required when seeking the legendary Fiery Avenger.



Related Quests


  • Bonded Loam
  • Ductile Loam
  • Fine Animal Pelt
  • Fine Silk
  • Ghoulbane
  • Hemic Marrow
  • Rhenium Ore
  • Shiny Brass Shield

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