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Jorji Costava is an entrant from a country of unknown origin that tries to cross into Arstotzka. He is enthusiastic, charming, and almost seems to want to get in trouble, constantly.

In the beginning of the game, Jorji will come to the border hoping to get into the "greatest country" of Arstotzka, problem is he has no papers. At anytime the player can admit Jorji into the country, getting a citation if papers aren't correct of course, but if played out he will appear with a fake passport on Day 4 that is "pre-approved" and creates the great country of "Cobrastan." By Day 6 Jorji has obtain a real passport and is ready to enter the country, sadly the rules have changed and he doesn't have all the necessary paper work. Being a good sport that he is, Jorji understands that the player must follow the rules and this leads to several days of not having the correct paper work and keeps on trying every few days to enter, by then the rules have changed, again. On Day 11, Jorji has obtained the necessary paperwork and is clear for entry.

On Day 19 Jorji returns to the border to return to Arstotzka this time bringing illegal contraband. Jorji, being the lovable character that he is, sees no problem with this and doesn't understand why he is going to be detained. A few days later Jorji will try the same stunt and will also try to bribe the player into letting him through the border, this leads into the player detaining him again. This makes Jorji the only NPC that is detained and returns later in the game. In continuing his troubles with the law Jorji will show up on Day 24 with correct paperwork, but he is on the most wanted list and, again, must be detained. Jorji isn't to worried as "Ah, is ok. Most police know me now." Jorji is then taken away saying he would rather sell drugs than do the tough job of the player.

Jorji appears again on day 29, this time to help the player and give him the option to flee Arstotzka with a fake passport. The player will have several days to decide if they want to escape to the country of Obristan by themselves leaving their family. On Day 31 Jorji makes his final appearance where he will give the player 40 credits and thanks the player for helping him over the past month.

This is how Jorji's story plays out if players stay true to the rules given to them.

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