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Early Career

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Joseph Kucan was born on March 19, 1965 to parents that both worked as public school teachers and has two younger brothers, Michael and Daniel. Joseph Kucan started acting at the age of 10 in a community theater production of "The Riddle Machine." Before graduating high school and with the sponsorship of the City of Las Vegas, Kucan co-founded the Rainbow Company which provides youth with basic theater training. Kucan spent 8 years with the Rainbow Company where he received training in all the facets of theater. Soon after graduating high school, Kucan took a job as a staff actor with the Firebird Theater Company and moved to Los Angeles, California but moved back to Las Vegas after just one season. Kucan went back to school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he majored in Theater Arts. While studying at UNLV, Kucan re-joined the Rainbow Company as Educational Director. Until he joined Westwood Studios in 1994 as the Director of Dramatic Assets, Kucan has taught, directed, acted, designed, choreographed, and worked on more than 50 plays.

Command & Conquer

Kucan's most popular role in the video game industry is the character Kane, the prophetic and enigmatic leader of pseudo-religious organization know as The Brotherhood of NOD in the popular real time strategy franchise Command & Conquer. Kucan has reprized the role as Kane in all Command & Conquer games with the exception of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, in which he directs the games cut scenes instead, and Command and Conquer Generals. Kucan has been inducted into the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition as the longest recurring actor in any video game franchise for his role as Kane.

Though Kane has been his most famous role, Kucan has also been involved as an actor in film and other video games such as Clover's Movie, Monkey on Mama's Back, Luckytown, and as well as a writer in a video game based on Blade Runner.

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