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Joseph as depicted in the Resident Evil remake

Joseph is a minor character and is the first on-screen casualty of for both the original Resident Evil and its 2002 remake.

In the original Resident Evil, Joseph starts looking for clues nearby and finds a gun lying in the grass. But not all is as it seems as the gun is still attached to the dead arm of Bravo team's Kevin Dooley. Leaping back in shock, Joseph is too stunned to notice the Cerberus dog leaping at him. Jill Valentine turns and tries to save him, but she's too late and Joseph is already dead.

In the GameCube version, Joseph's death plays out somewhat differently. Rather than being caught by the Cerberus right after discovering Kevin's gun, he locates the corpse of Kevin in Bravo team's helicopter. After hearing a suspicious noise coming from the woods he raises his shotgun, but upon lowering his guard is then blindsided by a zombie 'Cerberus' dog and is dragged off to be eaten alive by a pack of other infected dogs. Jill once again tries to save him, but fails and is left in shock while witnessing the mauling of her comrade.


  • Joseph is the only member of STARS Alpha team to canonically die during the events of Resident Evil.

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