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Joshua is a male Myrmidon that you can recruit quite early in the game. He joins Eirika and Ephraim's party when you beat him in a gambling bet. In the level where you meet him, you'll see him trying to assassinate a female cleric that you can recruit as well, her names Natasha. He's trying to kill her because he needs money so he got hired as an assassin by the Grado forces, but then betrays them because he's persuaded by Eirika that he's being used to satisfy the Grado forces. He then joins Eirika's party and the journey continues on.....


The Queen of Jehanna, and Joshua's Mother, Ismaire.
Joshua's family only consists of his mother, also the Queen of Jehanna, Ismaire, thus making Joshua obviously the prince of Jehanna. But when Joshua arrives atJehanna Castle to see his mother, he sees her wounded badly on her throne. He wonders how it happened and she told him that Two Grado commanders, Caellach, and Valter broke in and demanded the sacred stone that she possessed. She refused and they wounded her and stole the stone.

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