This game is awesome.

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I've always thought that it was anyway. Anyone else agree?

I guess what does it is that it's simply a straight-forward run and gun platformer that gives some good challenge and perfectly balanced gameplay.
It took me over 10 years to complete this game. I could never beat it as a kid, and then I sold all my NES stuff.
But now I have a new NES collection and I got this game once again. So last year I finally beat it :D

#2 Posted by Xymox (2175 posts) -

I sometimes pop it in just to listen to the music.
Grats on beating it, haven't done that yet :>

#3 Posted by Terrell (529 posts) -

Yeah this game is pretty tough, but its pretty great too.  Definitely a tight game!!!

#4 Posted by RJPelonia (909 posts) -

Hell yeah it is.

#5 Posted by GreyFox10S (24 posts) -

It's a great unsung game from the NES days.

#6 Posted by randiolo (1154 posts) -

thats just silius...........

#7 Posted by Bozar (175 posts) -

The music is still amazing. I'm totally Silius, guys.

#8 Posted by Jon_Rivera (69 posts) -

I love this game. It's relentless, fun to play, and has a fantastic soundtrack. I have it on my MP3 player.
#9 Posted by frankfartmouth (1048 posts) -

Hm. Never played this one. Sounds interesting, though.
#10 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

I don't think this is one I ever played. Congrats on beating it though. Going back and conquering a once unbeatable game is always satisfying.

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