Could you beat the game alone?

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There was a powerful moment during the snow sequence when your scarf freezes and eventually you get to a "lamp/fire" to heat up before you cross over a bridge. This moment was powerful for me because my partner and I got separated and I had no way to recharge to get across the bridge. It was profound as I realized I can't do this alone, and of course the metaphors run deep there. I ended up having to restart the game and loaded up the section again and got a new partner. As I finished the game I started thinking about the section and wondering is it actually possible to finish this game alone? I mean let's say in a year or two when the community surrounding this game has kinda died out, will new players have enough players to play with?

Any thoughts?

Also, as of right now this is my game of the year, simply amazing!!

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@dpedal1: It's absolutely possible for One to complete (the) Journey alone, from start to 'finish' including traversing the frozen bridge.
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Yeah, if you sing the cloth unfreezes and connects back to the bridge, allowing you to cross.

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You could.... but...

Why would you want to?

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That's what is so amazing about Journey. There is only minor game play benefits to having a partner but it is still absolutely essential to the experience.

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I did my first Journey alone. I probably should have done it with a partner, but I'm a bit iffy when it comes to playing games online. That's why I usually go through the game myself to get some experience first.

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