Did it just tell me who I played with?

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At the end of my playthrough (which was with the same person the entire time) it said Companions you met along the way: and then listed a name. Is that a gamertag? I thought the game didn't give that information.

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Yes. I had four people on the list.

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Yes, it lists the PSN IDs at the end. After Journey is over, you can FINALLY talk to your partner(s). It doesn't matter anymore, because it's notlike you are going to play Journey with them again (or it is highly unlikely,anyway.) I had 8 people on my list.

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Caught me by surprise when I just started up the game (I intentionally did read or see anything about the game before playing) and saw another person, and I played maybe 30 minutes wondering if this was a real online player or an NPC, after a while it was obvious I was playing with someone, that was pretty cool not knowing it had online multiplayer then experiencing it first hand. Payed off not reading up on it to spoil the surprises.

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I think it's a cool idea that you could message them once you complete the game, and reminisce about whatever times you shared in Journey.

Though that would be a little weird if you marathoned the game to completion but the guy you're messaging hasn't finished and hasn't seen his list of companions.

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Maybe the thread title should be changed? This could be something people don't want to know about.

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Brad mentioned this in this week's podcast.

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Ya. I met a bunch of people (8 total). I was nervous at first because I'd never played it before and didn't want to get in other peoples way (cus that's how I am- I don't like to bother people), but then the first guy left and so I was trying to stick with people but would always lose them at some point while I was looking around or whatever.  
What a fascinating game. I think I'm going to check it out again later. 
Edit: Oh heh... to the point of the thread- I thought it was interesting the names that came up. A few people I didnt realize until later wanted me to do the meditate for 20 seconds thing for the trophy (sorry whoever you are, I didnt know thats what you wanted). Knowing the names ahead of time would have created a bias in me automatically assuming what kind of people they are. That kind of makes me ponder things.

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I met my companion in the second area, and we stuck with each other for the entire Journey. I'm glad it happened that way. It sounds stupid, but I feel like there was a sort of bond growing along the way - he had clearly completed the game a few times, and I was a first-timer.

Afterwards, we messaged and thanked each other.

I'm glad I didn't have to Journey with BlopsSniperx420x, though.

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xXSmokeDawg420Xx is da shit yo!

I would rather not know who my Journey was with, I kinda think it kills a bit of the magic seeing the names even after you finished the game.

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I wasn't bothered at all by having the names revealed at the end. I met three people on my journey - the first two were fleeting encounters, but the third one stuck with me for the rest of the game. It was one of the more profound multiplayer experiences I've had.

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Vegetagogita you are a dick and I'm happy you were seemingly destroyed by the shark things.

zZdavidZz (or something like that) you were great and you being there from the tower to the end made the game more special. When we were freezing to death at the end and we were chirping at each other to going on I almost cried. Then when we died and went to Heaven tears came to my eyes as we flew around together singing all the time.

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I thought it was really cool. I didn't realise I'd met so many different people. One of them was Spit, which is a great username to have.

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I think I played with Vinny. One of the usernames I saw led me to believe that at least....

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I shared my Journey with 4 others. I would have, of course, preferred the same companion throughout. All of my companions were cool, though.

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I just finished it for the first time. I thought I only ran into 2 people, but the game says it was 4. I somehow got separated from the person I was with at the end, so I was alone for the last couple minutes. I stood and waited for about 5 minutes before I continued on alone.

I don't think I loved the game as much as some people seem to, but I really enjoyed it a lot.

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Strange the game doesn't turn this on when you are within a few feet of another person. If everyone's character looks roughly the same it'd be nice to know in a crowd who to follow if you're looking for someone specific.

#18 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

I Journeyed with about 7 other people, I think, although I thought it was only three. I guess the middle section which I thought was with one guy was with several.

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On my first journey, I played with the same guy all the way through in one go. It was amazing. Didn't message him at the end, and I don't remember his PSN id, but we did share that play through together.

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I can't wait to hear all of the "I met my Significant Other on Journey" threads.

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Thank you LordOfVag for sticking with me though an absolutely perfect, emotionally inspiring videogame. If I saw that gamertag name anywhere else I would laugh, but as it stands, you are my hero.

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yep I had one person on my list and we rushed through the game sticking right next to eachother the entire time. Really sweet moment when it was over.

edit: I'm also psn friends with him now... I don't think that means much xD

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I had a companion who basically baited the flying shark things while I went up the snowy, windy mountain. Whether it was intentional or not, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

I had about 6 different companions. I did not stop for anything, just critical-pathed it so I left a lot of people behind.

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I only had two companions and I remember noticing a change in personality when I lost the first one for a moment so I figured it was a different person now.

Amazing game and was really nice to have the option to talk to them after if I wanted to.

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@N7 said:

I can't wait to hear all of the "I met my Significant Other on Journey" threads.


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@N7 said:

I can't wait to hear all of the "I met my Significant Other on Journey" threads.

It'll happen. And it'll happen soon.

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Does anyone know what the order is displayed in? I had 8 PSN IDs on my first playthrough (Apparently a lot) and I want to know who the last guy was....

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Just played and beat it tonight. I played with a few different people. I stuck with one dude throughout most of the game and I guess he left during one of the cutscenes, which reeeeally bummed me out, because we had been having a really great time before that. When I came back from the cutscene I was with some dude with a super long scarf who clearly didn't give a shit about playing together at all. Afterwards his PSN ID confirmed to me that he was probably a douche, something to do with pro and there were a bunch of x's in there.

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@damswedon said:

zZdavidZz (or something like that) you were great and you being there from the tower to the end made the game more special. When we were freezing to death at the end and we were chirping at each other to going on I almost cried. Then when we died and went to Heaven tears came to my eyes as we flew around together singing all the time.

I just had this exact experience with either Lioncon or Mr_Lockjaw, depends if the list shows players as newest first or oldest first at the end. Either way, yeah, I completely agree.

#30 Posted by Funkydupe (3445 posts) -

@ViktorWithAK: Thats... beautiful.. @*(

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My had three companions for my first run through. The first one left me pretty early in the game after going through the few couple of portions. I hung with the second one from the tail end of the desert until I couldn't keep up with him/her on the climb up the mountain. I thought I was going to end the journey alone until I somehow met with someone at the end of the game.

Liked the journey, though I would've liked it better if I had a companion that stuck around with me throughout the entire journey.

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I thought it was cool that it tells you that after the ending, but maybe it would have been better if it let you choose instead. Some people might prefer a 100% anonymous experience.

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I had three companions on my list. The first one was cool and seemed to have played the game before. The second one was bad, but he was only there for about 15 minutes in the monster cave area. The final companion joined up as I made my way through the water sand tower thing. He knew to do the combo chirp so we could keep each other flying. We completed the game together even though we got pretty separated when I fell down the windy mountain (I'm surprised the connection wasn't lost). It was a pretty good moment when we both died in the snow.

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It was weird for me it listed like 5 people, I can separte when I met 3 of them who I lost at certain points of the journey but I'm sure I didn't encounter the other 2 (wich of course I can't tell other than comparing the length of thier scraf) I still felt I had the same person with me for most of the travel and I notice a change in their personality? I know that sounds weird but the first one I encounter did know what to do and where to go and was kinda activating the paths rather fast the second one was like a naive child singing in quick shorts burst and not using his jumps correctly then he kinda 'grew up' but I ended up losing him, only to find another more experience traveler, does it list people you find or they count even if you don't see them?.

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@AngelN7: It'll list everybody who ends up in your game, even if you don't "see" them. The best way to know if somebody joins is the glowing edges on the screen.

Also, a good indicator of when somebody switches out is if there's a different symbol above their head when they sing. Those symbols match up to the symbols next to their names at the end.

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