How do you introduce this game to other people? To nongamers?

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I got my little sister (20) to play this game (PS3), and I'm going to get my older sister (26) to come over and play this game soon too. But my little sister playing was almost a disaster. I tried telling her as little as possible about the game, because I would be ruining the potential discoveries otherwise. My little sis has hardly played any games in her life so she is unfamiliar with things as basic as the controler and how the jump button is alwasy always X. At least when its not trying to be Δ. So her having to learn video game basics 101 really destroyed the initial immersion for her. She was starring at the ground and walls for most of the first level, and she got pissed after the 5th time of me telling her to orient the camera and stop starring at the ground. If she is starring at the ground, then there isn't even a point in playing the game, but there also isn't a point in playing the game if I have to constantly tell her she's doing it wrong. I really don't want to repeat this with my older sister.

And then when she meet the first fellow journerier she thought it was AI. She didn't even believe me when I told her that it wasn't AI. Even when she finally believed me and was aware of another journier in the level, she just completely ignored them. Probably the most meaningful part to alot of gamers, she just completely ignored. I was really dissapointed by this, but she managed to enjoy the game anyways, thanks to the music (i have surround sound) and the aesthetics. Also, I had purchased the game a week before and had never played it. So this was my first experience of the game.

For my older sister playing the game, I really want to tell her enough so that she won't have problems, but not so much that she won't be able to discover anything on her own. What should I tell her!? Should I tell her the other journiers are really other gamers, or let her think about that herself? Journey doesn't really present itself as a multiplayer game, so to someone who isn't a gamer, it is really unlikey that they will recognize the other clothed creatures as players. Or at least I am worried that this is the case. What do you think?

And my little sister was pausing to mess with her cell phone too. This is definitely a game that is best played with cellphones off, lights off, by yourself, and a good pair of headphones. My older sister could not exist without her cellphone. Really, its shamefull how she ignores other people in the room when she types away. I need to get her to turn that cell phone off when she plays the game, I am sure she will thank me for it later. Although my older sister is smarter then my younger, so I think she adapt quicker to the game, shes not going to play long enough to get sucked in if she keeps breaking to mess with her phone. This isn't the type of game you play while multitasking, you wouldn't enjoy the game at all that way. But I don't know what to do.

I could tell her just to turn it off bcuz this game is so fucking epic that cell phones just have to be turned off to play. But I don't want to tell her its epic, I want her to realize and feel that herself. If I say that, I'll just make the game anticlimatic. The only idea I have so far is to invite her over for a "movie night". Then say to her that we're watching some movies and I really don't like when people fiddle around on cellphones when im trying to watch a movie with them. I think movies and cellphones together have a bad reputation in general, so its not unusual to demand that from anyone. Then after she turns it off, I'll just load up journey and tell her were doing that.

I really don't want to tell her that this game is relaxing, beautiful, or rich in pathos. I want her to realize these things herself.

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I also made my little sister (13) play the game and she loved it but maybe she didn't have much trouble to complete the game without any indication I was with her for most of the first act (before going undeground) then I had to leave but she finished by herself, she has played some Mario stuff before so platforming was not really an issue, it's very simple in journey though I think is one of the easiest game to introduce people to gaming.

I think is best if you don't "force" the experience they want to have with the game, I try telling my sister to stay with anyone she find along the way if she prefers it , she wasn't really into sticking with other people and wanted to explore and slide more than going foward, until she discovered that sticking to her partner allow her scarf to regain it's energy again , so she made the decision to stick close with her partner for the rest of the journey and it might help telling your sister to just play the game when she's has some free time, if she's flickering with her cellphone then she may not be interested in the game, wich my sister wasn't all that much until that sliding in the sunsest secuence happened then after that I knew the game had her full attention.

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I too have a similar problem, though I have no suggestions :( I have already failed to immerse a friend of mine once.

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Just offer help if she asks for it. It might be kind of weird for her to play it if you're there with her the whole time. That sort of comes with the expectation that you will help. It might be better if she tried to play through bits on her own so she gets used to the flow of the game and the nature of its puzzles.

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