Journey Launch Date 3/14/12 $15

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Whoops, fat fingered it, it's 3/13, not 3/14...way to typo the part that can't be edited.

They just released this on Facebook, probably a few other outlets as well. I'm stoked and bummed simultaneously, I've been looking forward to this for a long time but I'm getting married 3/17.

Safe to say I'll be playing this one early April :D

#2 Posted by IAmNotBatman (656 posts) -

Looking forward to it even if it's just for gaining the knowledge of what is going on in this game. Playstation Blog put a statement out, will be $15 have my fingers crossed for £9.99.

#3 Posted by Tidel (360 posts) -

I'm terribly excited.

As far as I know this finishes thatgamecompany's contract with Sony. If I were Sony, I would throw all the money at them to convince them to stay. Team Ico seems to be toast -- part of the reason I bought in with PS3 was Sony's history with these kinds of emotionally-driven, experimental, prestige-y games.

Though I also think that it would be great if this kind of content wasn't gated behind a particular system.

Anyway, excited.

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Definitely scooping this up when it hits

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