My companion

#1 Posted by hoossy (1048 posts) -

was the best companion. I don't know who he/she was or where they were, but we stuck it out together all the way to the end! (at least I think we did)

We had so much in common! We looked the same, we liked the same kinda scarves, we liked to whistle... and we enjoyed mountain climbing.

I wish we were BFFs. :(

#2 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

My companion jumped off the top of that windy mountain. I followed him down and we did it all over again.

#3 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (423 posts) -

My companion left me half way through and broke my heart. I was never the same after he left...

#4 Posted by NinjaHunter (996 posts) -

High five to my companion... whoever you are. And thanks for waiting for me on top of that mountain. You're a real pal.

#5 Posted by Willin (1349 posts) -

I don't know about you guys but I'm going to say it anyway. 
Best Co-op ever. Nothing even comes close.

#6 Posted by Djratchet (686 posts) -

You can see your companion(s) PSN ID post credits, so you can thank them yourself if you stick around ;p

#7 Posted by Zaccheus (1837 posts) -

@Willin said:

I don't know about you guys but I'm going to say it anyway. Best Co-op ever. Nothing even comes close.

I second this statement.

#8 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

My companion saw me get blasted half to death. They never left my side.

#9 Posted by Talis12 (522 posts) -

i want a companion :(

need to get this game..

#10 Posted by TurboMan (8245 posts) -

I had five companions during my first Journey... Either I had four bad matches or I need to play slower.

#11 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -

Me and my companion totally hooked up last night, sent her a message on PSN and she was all over that shit. Journey brings people together in ways we could never imagine.

#12 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

My companion was with me from building the bridge all the way to the end. They didnt fuck around, they whistled at me when they found something interesting, they were awesome. When the game ended and showed their psn id showed up I recieved a message from them thanking my for a great journey, it was awesome! I am curious to go go back and play through the game solo and see what its like.

#13 Posted by Giefcookie (626 posts) -

Just finished my first playthrough and I was really suprised to find that I had 8 different companions during it. Only spent any real amount of time with 2 of them. My first real companion sticked with me all the way from building the bridge to skiing down a massive hill, through The Cave of The Evil Flying Snakes to the snowy ridge where we were hunted by another of the snakey bastards. There he got blasted off by 1 of them and I never saw him again :(

So glad I found a new companion for the ending bit though. Amazing stuff.

#14 Posted by MoltenBoron (95 posts) -

My first companion was awesome. We went skiing around, stuck together, and had a really fun time. Then he left and I got stuck with four terrible people, one of which purposely got one of those spotlight monsters to attack me.

#15 Posted by notdavid (860 posts) -

My companion fell off the windy mountain, and I was surprised to find that I felt remorse. I had a mild panic attack, and waited around. When I looked to my right and saw him there, it was the greatest "fuck yeah" moment I have ever experienced in a game. And it wasn't even scripted.

#16 Posted by Milkman (18002 posts) -

Climbing the windy mountain with my buddy was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. This game is goddamn incredible. I only had three companions during my Journey and the first two were all rad as shit. The second one was okay too but I didn't feel like we really bonded. But I felt like I was best friends with the guy I finished the game with. Though for my first buddy, the same thing that happened to Jeff happened to me and man, Jeff wasn't lying. It was heartbreaking.

#17 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -

I have played the game through twice so far and the different companions make every play through feel so fresh and different. 
Can't wait to play through it again and I might try to get all the trophies. It's awesome showing your companion where the hidden glyph walls and scarf buff symbols are.  
Man what a game.

#18 Posted by Glottery (1508 posts) -

I was just suppose to try and collect some of the trophies this morning, but then I got a very helpful companion to join me. Ventured the whole thing through together, while he/she showed me all the hidden thingies as well. Was amazing.

#19 Posted by Jawshua (289 posts) -

One of my companions tried to jump on a scarf bridge and fell through to the ground, it was funny and sad at the same time. It couldn't have come at a better time though,made the moment afterwards pretty sad.

#20 Posted by SSully (4723 posts) -

My first companion died about halfway through. It was one of the most devastating things in a game ever. It made the entire snow section so much worse knowing I could have had someone to keep me company.

#21 Posted by DonutFever (3869 posts) -

My first two companions were kinda meh, but I met my third at the beginning of the (SPOLER SPOILER SPOILER) snow area, and he stuck with me up to ALMOST the end, he disappeared just before I went into the light, but he was awesome. We sang right up to our "deaths".

#22 Posted by 1p (798 posts) -

My guy stuck with me through the last two thirds of the game. It was awesome, we would always wait for each other, even if one of us had the game on pause for like 10 minutes. We stuck together, and after overcoming obstacles we would run in circles around each other like excited children.

I sent him a PSN message after we finished the game and got a sweet reply, too.

#23 Posted by Phatmac (5921 posts) -

After beating this game I quickly added whoever played with me. I wrote in the friend request message, "JOURNEY!!!!1" Suffice it to say that the co-op in this game is revolutionary.

#24 Posted by Blackout62 (1518 posts) -

Dude my companion and I are currently in the process of buying property in the Bahamas to set up a timeshare business. All just because of one game of Journey and some business discussion afterwards. This game is awesome.

Okay that's actually all hyperbolic lies but yes as with everyone else I had a wonderful journey with my new friend and it was awesome and etc. Now I just need to wait till friday so I can get my no Journey for a week achievement then its off to go meet more awesome lengthy scarf and robe aficionados.

#25 Posted by ZOnikJJ (281 posts) -

My companions suck

#26 Posted by randiolo (1151 posts) -

@Willin said:

I don't know about you guys but I'm going to say it anyway. Best Co-op ever. Nothing even comes close.

i pretty much agree. had just the one companion the whole way, we communicated, we explored, everything was done hand in hand the whole way.. amazing experience.

#27 Posted by skunk (250 posts) -

@Willin said:

I don't know about you guys but I'm going to say it anyway. Best Co-op ever. Nothing even comes close.

Agreed. WOW! what an awesome experience. Just beat it with 2 companions, both awesome. They both waited, pointed out hidden symbols, and most importantly - slowed down and enjoyed the view. The first I was just past the first bridge waiting for him to grab one of the symbols and when i turned around, he was gone... :( Soon after, I ran into my second buddy and we rocked the shit out of some scarves til the very end! BFFF!

Normally, I don't care about Trophies, but i'm going to platinum this one for sure.

#28 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

Reading all of those posts, I'm getting really interested in this game...

#29 Posted by SearingLight (21 posts) -

My companion stuck with me through piercing wind and striking ice, blazing sun and roaring dust, a sumptuous hell and fleeting heaven. My companion did not fear a dragon's roar, or the uncertain path. My companion even shared the secrets of the ever-winding tower.

My companion and I walked hand in hand into death, to return as only strangers along the way.

#30 Posted by senorfuzzeh (424 posts) -

I first found my silent companion surfing across the windy dunes. We sang a few melodies and in away agree to stick with eachother. We explored caves and hide from beasts of the abyss. That emotional last push up the blizzarding hill we did not once leave eachothers side. I fell behind for alittle while and was about to get blown off the mountian but he dropped back and tucked right next to me helping to push me all the way through. The ending was incredibly joyful, but at the same time sad too depart with a person I grew so close with in those hours. Truely amazing game.

#31 Posted by JasonR86 (10028 posts) -

I apparently had 8 different companions during my game. With one of the companions we got in a yelling match. It was on the level where dusk is falling into night. It's the one where you get to slide through different gates as if you were a slalom skier. Well we made it all the way through the level and were at the big open area just before the end of the level. We both were looking for hidden items. Well, I was looking a lot more then he was. I ended up looking at both sides of the room and came to the conclusion that, besides the wall drawing he and I had found, there was nothing else in the room. He was near the level's exit and I thought he was ready to go as I was as well. I started to head for the exit and it was then that he decided to the check for hidden items. That little bastard was wasting my time. I knew there was nothing left in the room and just wanted to go on. But he took off so I chased him down tapping the 'hey!' button over and over. Eventually, he turned back and gave me a few 'hey!' button presses and was about to turn back around to look for stuff. So I gave the loud 'HEY!!!' as if to say...well, HEY! He gave a few more 'hey!'s and I gave one more loud 'HEY!!!' and it was settled. We ended the level together and he stopped looking for hidden items.

It felt like I was yelling at a disobedient child.

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