The Soundtrack is out ($5 USD)

#1 Posted by Mitch0712 (506 posts) -

You can find it on iTunes, i'm listening to it right now and I'm digging it. Did you all like the music in this game too? Violins now remind me of Journey, Assassin's Creed, and Bioshock.

#2 Posted by Creamypies (4106 posts) -

I nabbed it off the PlayStation Store yesterday afternoon, it's incredible!

#3 Posted by Dtat (1634 posts) -

It's really beautiful. Not sure if I really want to listen to it outside of the game thouh. My enjoyment of it was so integral to the game and vice versa...

#4 Posted by DeF (5013 posts) -

waiting for the CD version!

#5 Posted by DarkHeroZark (175 posts) -

I want this shit on some vinyl

#6 Posted by Mitch0712 (506 posts) -

@DarkHeroZark said:

I want this shit on some vinyl

What color vinyl?

#7 Posted by Orange (207 posts) -

I just bought the soundtrack after seeing the following YouTube video. It's just an SNES arrangement of the song "I Was Born For This." I found the track awesome and immediately went to iTunes to snag the whole album. $5 is a steal for great music!

I wish I could play the game, but I only own an Xbox 360, haha.

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