Was this a glitch?

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At the point in the game where you have to scuttle behind headstones between gusts of wind, I got pretty far forward, got caught in a gust and launched back, then couldn't progress because the wind wouldn't stop.

My partner was moving up and chirping at me, presumably trying to show me what to do, but there was nothing I could do to move forward. I paused the game to try to look up what to do, and when I came back, the wind had completely stopped, and I just walked past the headstones I had been hiding behind before.

Was this supposed to happen? Did I somehow glitch the game, or was I missing something? I've looked at walkthroughs and tried to find evidence of others getting stuck, and I've seen nothing except "move up between gusts of wind". I really enjoyed the game, but it was a bummer to have to stop and do research in the midst of a one-sitting playthrough.

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Sounds like a glitch to me. Never had that happen in 3 playthroughs.

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It sounds like a glitch.

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@pr1mus: @meatball: Thanks, good to hear! I'm glad the game's fairly anonymous, as he must have thought I was an idiot :).

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