What do you refer to the Journey protagonist as?

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I know the devs have referred to the robed figure as the "Journeyer". Personally I've been referring to it as "The Hero" since the games plot alludes to The Hero's Journey. What do you refer to the character as?

And what of gender? I've referred to it as a she mostly since it has thin shoulders and feminine eyes. What do you think is the gender of the character?

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It's an androgynous hooded alien. Journey is set in a post-apocalyptic world, don't ya know.

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@Gizmo: *Ponders* So it is.

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My homies!

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Mr. Sheets.

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Either that or xXx5M0K3D4WGx420xXx

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The Journey Protagonist.

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When I first saw a white cloaked character, they flew above me and sailed out into the desert where I didn't see one again for a few play throughs. My internal monologue was "She's so pretty!". So for a while they were female and the red cloaked characters were male in my mind.

Now it's just "me" and "them".

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The Journey Protagonist.

What this guy said, about a month ago.

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Without sounding too pretentious, to me the character symbolized human loneliness and going through life, and life being that Journey. Rather than lookin forward to what is at the end, which would be death in this case, it's the Journey that matters or life and what you do with it while you live it. It involves beauty, lonelyness, fear, darkness and everything in between.

This is not something that went through my mind while I was playing but looking back at it this is what it meant to me I guess. This and so many other different ways to interpret the game.

Great game, by the way.

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I think it was, uh... Suzanne.

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