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Dr. J.S Steinman was a high-profile orthopaedic surgeon at Benjamin Church Medical College before starting his new life and career in the city of Rapture. He was very much missed by his colleagues after his departure, his close friend, Dr. Clerkwell even hires a private eye to look in to his mysterious disappearance. Dr. Steinman was invited by Andrew Ryan because of his renown research and expertise in the area of cosmetic surgery. He resides in the Medical Pavilion of Rapture City; he preformed plastic surgery for the citizens that could afford it.

Steinman and one of his brutalized patients
Steinman and one of his brutalized patients

When ADAM became available to him, he used it to make his medical procedures run smoother. It improved this field of science to the point that he went mad trying to make his patients "perfect.' His unfortunate subjects are found maimed and brutalize through out the Medical Pavilion. Steinman could never put the perfect touch on any of the deformed splicers that were referred to him. His crazed surgeries often resulted in patient casualty and that drove him all the more insane. His obsession with making everyone perfect caused him to go overboard on surgeries and perform surgical procedures on people without their consent.

Steinman shows an fascination for the artist Pablo Picasso. In his early days as a painter, Picasso created realistic paintings but eventually evolved into the bizarre and abstract cubism that made him famous. Steinman wonders whether or not he can follow the same path--he wonders if he can "do with a scalpel what that old Spaniard did with a brush."

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