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One of the Best Hidden Gems Ever

It's really hard to look at JSRF and say, "man, that looks like a rad game." However, this is exactly what you should do. JSRF takes place in a fictional futuristic Tokyo where the everyone is oppressed by a hostile police force except for a small group of Jet Setters on roller blades with rockets on them (hold on let me finish). The object of the game is obviously to put forth some sort of rebellion against the police.
Visually the game is a stunning piece of work. The city is vibrant, expansive, and full of life. Little in the environment is interactive but really you don't notice while playing. The art direction almost feels like an urban Okami.
The controls feel solid and very tight, which is important when jumping hundreds of feet many stories up in the air. The characters react as you would expect them to as they move around the environments.
Most of the gameplay consists of skating throughout an environment and finding spots where you can "tag" the wall using grafitti. After the player has tagged all of the appropriate spots in the environment a boss will appear and will engage you in some sort of race or battle (usually some combination of the two.) The bosses have enough variety so they never feel like the exact same thing twice.
Sound is another hugely important part of this game. The game is full of funky Hip-Hop beats with a decidedly Japanese slant, which actually sounds way better than that description just did.
Overall the game's charm, wit, and very solid gameplay make this one of the most fun games on the original xbox. It's probably very cheap now used, everyone should check it out.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

What kind of skater do you play?  Do you get to switch characters or do you get stuck with your starter?

Is exploration a big element, or are there only a few side areas to find?

Posted by CandiBunni
You can switch to a different character at any time in the garage. If you want to switch while on a mission, you need to find a save point on the ground. You can explore each area you go to, though there isn't much besides graffiti souls and stuff to find.

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