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Wrestling Biography

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Jayson Paul began his wrestling career in WWE's Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental territory. He wrestled under "The Neighborhoodie" and teamed with Shad Gaspard as the Gang Stars. They were successful and held the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship on two occasions.


Jayson and Shad debuted on the RAW brand under the name of Cryme Tyme with Jayson changing his name to JTG. They made their debut on the October 26, 2006 edition of RAW defeating Mikey and Johnny from the spirit squad in a non-title match. At Cyber Sunday in November, Cryme Tyme defeated Lance Cade and Trever Murdoch, Charlie Haas and Viscera, and the Highlanders in a Texas Tornado match. They were then put into a gimmick where they began to steal other superstar's possessions and sell them to the fans. At New Year's Revolution won a tag team turmoil match against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, Lance Cade and Trever Murdoch, and Super Crazy and Jim Duggan to become #1 contenders for the World Tag Team Championship. They then mainly competed on Heat for the next few months. They began to sell Mr. McMahon's items on the WWE auction site and to fans after the Mr. McMahon death angle. They lost an inter-brand tag match to Deuce and Domino on the June 29, 2007 edition of Smackdown but then they stole their car and sold it for parts. They won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship for the second time on July 21'st after defeating the James Boys. They then began a feud with the then World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade abd Trever Murdoch before being released form their WWE contract on September 2, 2007.

Independant Circuit

Shad and JTG appeared at a few places under the name of Crime Time while they were released from their contract.

Return To RAW

They returned to RAW on the March 31, 2008 edition of RAW defeating Lance Cade and Trever Murdoch. On the June 30'th edition of RAW, they started a group with John Cena known as CTC. They began a feud with Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes over the title but lost to them at Unforgiven. They then had a feud with John Morrison and the Miz because they were both trash talking each other on their respective internet shows.

Title History

OVW Southern Tag Team Chamionship - 2 Times (W/ Shad Gaspard)

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