How do I download it for free from Playstation Plus?

#1 Posted by MrPilkington (1011 posts) -

I bought a year of Playstation Plus before the 11/8 date ended, which should mean I get Jurassic Park: The Game on Playstation Network for free. Though it's not showing up for free for me. Can someone help?

#2 Posted by pantzing_nome (601 posts) -

@PainGod89: Have you checked your email? They may have sent your code there.

#3 Posted by MrPilkington (1011 posts) -

@pantzing_nome: I checked that as well and nothing. Weird. I was looking forward to playing it.

#4 Posted by RE_Player1 (7963 posts) -

If you haven't received an e-mail or a PSN message with a code go to the Playstation Blog and look under the store update. There are a couple people who have posted with the same situation as yourself so a Sony guy, Morgan, who replies to posts on the weekly updates replied to them with a number they should call. From what I've read they solve the problem relatively fast over the phone. Sucks that you might have to do that but it's not like you can't get it, unless you misunderstood the promotion and bought a Plus subscription too late.

#5 Posted by MrPilkington (1011 posts) -

@msavo: I greatly appreciate the heads up. After looking into it, as well as making a call to a Playstation service hotline, I was able to get the issue resolved and get my voucher for the game. I can't wait to play some of it tonight when I get home.

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