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What is this game? Heavy Rain meets Jurassic Park is the answer. But there's much more to it than that. There are dinosaurs, see? In all honesty, the story takes a while to kick off but when it does, you will find yourself hooked!

It's one of those stories that takes place during as well as after the first movie. The game is almost entirely quick time events, which can be annoying. I ran into issues with the 'mash button repeatedly' while using an XBOX 360 controller on the PC version. I found using the keyboard was much quicker and easier.

The voice acting is pretty good, and gets better as the game goes on. The music is fantastic, though you can tell it's not REALLY John Williams. The graphics are...not too great. The jungle looks terrible. It's literally a bunch of flat low-res billboards meant to look like plants. I feel like they were ripped out of the first deer hunting game. The dinosaurs look great, and the characters LOOK fine. The lip and mouth movements do not look right, they often speak more than they animate. Also, on my ATI machine I noticed significant pauses, stutters, and overall lag (my computer can run Crysis 2 maxed out).

I should also note that they are somewhat self-aware that Jurassic Park quotes are a thing, often quoting the movies without killing the immersion, so it works great. There's a part where a guy corrects his friend when he mistakenly called a Pteronodon a Pterodactyl. I grew up correcting people on that, so I laughed.

If you love Jurassic Park, then you will most likely enjoy this game. If you didn't care for Jurassic Park, don't play this game. It's that simple.

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