Evil female Street Fighter

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Y'know, Juri's creation has gotten me thinking, there's not a lot of evil women in the Street Fighter series, is there? The only ones who I could think of are Cammy, Juli & Juni, and they were all thralls of Shadaloo, not acting of their own volition, and Cammy became one of the good guys when left to her own devices.  So, Juri seems to be the first woman in the series to act evil because she wants to. 
Have I forgotten anyone?
And would anyone else like to see a few more female villains in Street Fighter?

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#2 Posted by Villainess (53 posts) -

Absolutely, and in most games in general.

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#3 Posted by Whiz (37 posts) -

Yeah she's a lot of fun to play with

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I can't think of anyone else in SF2, SF3, Alpha, or EX that would be "evil."

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#5 Posted by Ariketh (653 posts) -

I agree.
Also, Juri is awesome.

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#6 Posted by Icil (750 posts) -
@Villainess said:
" Absolutely, and in most games in general. "
A most fitting username.
Anyway, I agree. We need more psychos and crazies. I think a lot of female characters don't get as ridiculous as some male ones do. For example, a female version of Rufus would never happen =/
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#7 Posted by DrPockets000 (2877 posts) -

I agree with Villainess.  They are cooler and tend to have more depth as well, somehow.

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#8 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

What about Rufus?

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