Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod- 150 players

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#1 Edited by Choi (597 posts) -

Did you duders & duderettes know that there was a mod like this in the works?

Did you want the multiplayer in the game in the first place?

What other mods would go great with it to overload and crash the server every time? :P

150 people multitethering stuff to other stuff tethered to players.... tethered to a Jumob Jet... think about it.

I only played it on 360, so I have no idea whats out there, but these looks really fun.

http://www.jc-mp.com/ mod website


A really funny British guy called NerdCubed playing and testing it for 40 minutes

Loading Video...

What better way to wish you happy 4th of July with a bit of a delay :P

Happy 4th!

#2 Edited by BaneFireLord (3083 posts) -

Oh good lord, this looks incredible. 

#3 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

I hope Just Cause 3 will be like this.

#4 Posted by Loafsmooch (423 posts) -

Hmm. Intredasting.

#5 Posted by TheHT (12302 posts) -

They're gonna need a higher player count. The world in Just Cause 2 is fucking HUGE.

I might try this out, thanks!

#6 Posted by Simulacrum (459 posts) -

I wish I could run Just cause 2.

#7 Posted by Ben_H (3597 posts) -

Oh my that is glorious. Just Cause 2 is such an amazing game.

#8 Posted by WLF68 (18 posts) -

I played it during the testing. Lots of bugs and glitches, but it was still awesome.

#9 Posted by Jace (1134 posts) -

That sinking feeling when you know you're going to have to download and reinstall a game.

#10 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5275 posts) -

Oh wow I remember hearing about this from a long time ago, back when you could just drive trucks around.

This would make for one of those really special TNTs.

#11 Posted by MrCaptain (393 posts) -

nice, I still got the game installed and fire it up occasionally for some havoc. This will increase the fun tenfold.

#12 Posted by believer258 (12701 posts) -

Holy fuckmothering hell. I do not have a capable PC, but I will at some point...

#13 Edited by Bollard (6334 posts) -

That was fantastic. Just as I am getting into JC2 as well!


#14 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -
@wolf_blitzer85 said:
This would make for one of those really special TNTs.
That it would. It'd be nothing but 'battlefield moments' non stop.
#15 Posted by Choi (597 posts) -

OMG! I didn't even think of a TNT with that! That would be AMAZING! (I usually don't have the time to watch them...).

Any of them in particular that are a must watch?

#16 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

I think that many people would flatten everything on the map rather quickly, as much as I love the game, I'd much prefer 4 player co-op in this as well as in Just Cause3.

#17 Posted by AjayRaz (12656 posts) -

i think this is by the same team that made San Andreas Multiplayer which is like, my most favorite thing ever. 300 player server madness. this looks rad too. i just wish i had a good PC

#18 Posted by Village_Guy (2760 posts) -

This would be amazing for a TNT if the mod ever gets out and works and all that...

I followed it back when it was "new" and was bummed out when it died, so it made me happy to see it resurrected.

#19 Posted by psylah (2272 posts) -

Sweet Celestia's plot, this looks amazing.

#20 Edited by IAmNotBatman (688 posts) -

Just Cause 2 - Check.

Capable PC - Check.

Available RIGHT NOW - N/A

Got a bit over-excited and didn't notice the "in the works" part ;)

#21 Posted by Choi (597 posts) -

Follow the mod makers on twitter, they announce tests like these, so if you're lucky, you could get a taste of it.

#22 Posted by Capum15 (5106 posts) -

That video was amazing.

#23 Posted by Bollard (6334 posts) -

Anyone trying to play tonight? I'm scared for the guys making the mod - seriously. Since that first test so, so many videos have gone up that whereas before it was basically unheard of, now there are thousands of people trying to get in. Their website has already been DDOS'd by users refreshing for the download, and it even looks like the website they use for their IRC has been nuked by people so eager to try the mod!

#24 Edited by Absolute_Zero (253 posts) -

Ended up playing some tonight. There was something like 650 players on too! Took some screenshots and recorded a video too.

Screenshots: http://sdrv.ms/NcPI5K

Loading Video...

One of the devs was on the server and mentioned that there should eventually be server support for Windows and Linux.

#25 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

Played it and lots of fun. I hope there is a TNT.

#26 Posted by Capum15 (5106 posts) -

I played quite a bit of it just now...man...people cannot Taxi planes to takeoff...seriously. Horrible pilots. I managed to fly a Pell Silverbolt for about an hour total (randomly died at the Mile High Club for seemingly no reason...plane was fine, saw it continue on to meet the ocean) with ease. I don't even think the giant cargo plane ever got off the ground as people kept ramming it into things or blowing it up.

#27 Posted by arimajinn (180 posts) -

it looks absolutely insane, definitely have to give it a go

#28 Posted by deox (237 posts) -

I played Just Cause 2 on PS3, loved it.. but multiplayer JC2 sounds fucking amazing! I

#29 Posted by ShadowKnight508 (679 posts) -

This should make for a awesome TNT on Giant Bomb when it (the mod) officially arrives for Just Cause 2.

#30 Posted by Capum15 (5106 posts) -
@ShadowKnight508: That would be great to watch.
#31 Posted by FrenchFriedFool (190 posts) -

This was so much dumb fun, shame the beta's over :(

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#32 Posted by Shaka999 (537 posts) -

Oh my god, this looks like the greatest thing in the world.

If only I could afford a real PC :(

#33 Edited by Absolute_Zero (253 posts) -

From the developer's Twitter:

Next beta test SUNDAY! [6PM AEST] [4AM EDT] [1AM PDT] [8AM UTC].[...]Test runs for 24hrs~.[...]You can now no longer hijack someone's car from the stunt position for this coming test.


#34 Posted by Th3irdEye (277 posts) -

So happy I bought the Square/Eidos Summer Sale pack on Steam. This is fantastic!

#35 Posted by Lukeweizer (3058 posts) -

Anyone played the Open Beta? Do they still announce times to play or is it just... open?

#36 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

@Lukeweizer said:

Anyone played the Open Beta? Do they still announce times to play or is it just... open?

There is no open beta, they usually run it on sundays only, you usually have to check http://jc-mp.com

#37 Posted by Trav (244 posts) -

That video was crazy obnoxious. If only I could run JC2!

#38 Posted by nasseh (85 posts) -

Re-installing Just Cause 2 now. It's pretty crazy that they can get that many people on a single server in the same world.

#39 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

@nasseh said:

Re-installing Just Cause 2 now. It's pretty crazy that they can get that many people on a single server in the same world.

There are no NPCs so not that crazy

#40 Posted by nasseh (85 posts) -

@mosdl: Ah, well that's slightly disappointing, would've been funny to use them as cannon fodder.

#41 Posted by SoulAssassin808 (62 posts) -

The only problem with the amount of people on the server is that every airfield has some asshole killing and blowing up everyone with his helicopter. I do hope they can arrange a TNT

#42 Posted by LTSmash (698 posts) -

This is essentially "Giant Bomb: The Game".

#43 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

New update - they are adding on foot weapons (Link)

#44 Posted by Bollard (6334 posts) -

@mosdl: Yes, GUNZ!

Loading Video...

I am all the way hyped. Had a fantastic time last test with a GB duder jumping boats and shit, next time, 10x more explosive!

#45 Edited by Absolute_Zero (253 posts) -

Next beta test: Saturday August 11th starting at 8AM GMT. Lasts 48 hours.

jaxm said:

0.0.4 Changelog
New Features
Added weapon sync
Added animation sync
Added 2,100 new vehicle spawns

Bug Fixes
Fixed issue related to respawning
Greatly improved player sync
Standardised weapon damage across player and agent

#46 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

F Yeah!

#47 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

That looks awesome. These are one of the instance where I wish I had a gaming PC. I still haven't played JC2 yet, don't know what I've been waiting for.

#48 Posted by Zella (938 posts) -

Beta is open again for the weekend, all I can say is holy shit don't go to the airport

#49 Edited by Capum15 (5106 posts) -
@Zella said:

Beta is open again for the weekend, all I can say is holy shit don't go to the airport

Go to the airport. Managed to get three Pell Silverbolts in my hour or so of playtime.

Just FYI, they seemed to have just done a server reset and put out a new client, but...well, there were almost 1,200 people on. The website seems to have exploded.

Oh, and I'm not sure if they'll still have them once they're running again, but they did include Teleport commands for this run. Type "/tp list" (without quotes) to get a list of teleport spots. /tp airport brings you to the main airport and Michael Bay-a-thon.

Edit: Just checked again and they put up a static web page. So get your Multiplayer on, folks!
#50 Posted by Forcen (2122 posts) -

Just played some, lots of fun. Give it a try!

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