Monster Truck Pulled From Xbox LIVE?

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Does anybody know why the Monster Truck DLC for Just Cause 2 is no longer available on Xbox LIVE? I picked the game back up recently to start playing, went to re-download the DLC, and noticed the Monster Truck is no longer listed on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. I had a quick peek on Steam and the Monster Truck is still available there. Anybody know what's up with this? Is the Monster Truck missing on the PlayStation Network as well? 
EDIT: I revisited the Marketplace today and found it. I swear it wasn't there yesterday. Probably a temporary thing? I don't know. I guess this thread serves no purpose now.

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Steve Ballmer got run over by a monster truck last weekend whilst shouting about some sort of Microsoft type things.  He demanded there be no trace of monster trucks ever again associated with Microsoft.

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