My JC2 Stunts, Glitches, and WTF Moments Montage

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#2 Posted by blitzwing13 (16 posts) -

funny good job i hope u make more oh and all of the above

#3 Posted by holybins (176 posts) -

Haha, fantastic!   

#4 Posted by fox01313 (5179 posts) -

Wicked cool video, one of my more wtf moments in the game was shooting down a miiltary heli from another, watching the flaming wreckage fall to my heli & blow it up. Aside from the main story the rest of the game is solid open world crazy fun.

#5 Posted by natetodamax (19435 posts) -

I love videos like this, nicely done. Now I want to play Just Cause 2.

#6 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -
@Pyroman31: do you get an achievement for flipping your car 10 times?
#7 Posted by markini6 (533 posts) -

Great video but I hate you because now I have to buy Just Cause 2 again :)

#8 Posted by Jazz (2336 posts) -

My favourite thing from playing the demo was to grapple onto a gas cylinder and then shoot it. 

#9 Posted by natetodamax (19435 posts) -
@Jazz: Until someone shoots the cylinder, of course...
#10 Edited by Jazz (2336 posts) -
Well, by that time you're already 3000ft up or so. Then you just release and parachute. 
Never died from doing it. 
It's like your own personal rocket.
#11 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

The dude poking out of the flaming wreckage at 2:00 was my favourite. I had a WTF moment of my own the other day:

#12 Posted by Forcen (2163 posts) -

Here are some fun stuff and glitches i found today:


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