What do you want from/in JC3?

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    I know it's way early to talk about Just Cause 3 unless they try to pull an EA DA2 stunt. But I've been thinking wile playing JC2 what setting as in climate and such for 3. I've also been thinking maybe they add more of a story as lets face it JC2 wasn't at all about the story. Oh and clearly better VA. But what about submarines or full on tanks? Maybe a co-op? That could be fun. Or maybe add some first person options? Or hell maybe even some freaking cheat codes so when you beat the game you can have some real fun!? Just kicking the ball along post any real thoughts and wants or hell even some stupid funny ideas everything is on the table just bring what ya got. 
       Thanks for your time and any post you may leave.

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Drop the ugly excuse for a story(damn unskippables), include co-op and you'll have one of the best most fun games out there. Also, it would help if the game had  more varied and interesting side missions.
EDIT: on second thought, also fix the shop system. It always felt that the prices were too high for the non-perma stuff.

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Co-op would be great.

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More ammo, better voice actors and story, slightly more traffic(don't overdo it like GTA), more vehicles, multiplayer (co-op and versus), destructible buildings, and jet packs.

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I'm going to skip over story complaints, because honestly who gives a fuck about story in Just Cause 2. Nothing they could ever do would make anyone care about it.

  • Put a little more work into pedestrian character models
  • Likewise, the vehicles need some work too. They're just ugly -- graphically and imaginatively.
  • Online co-op, for the love of God. PLEASE. (Funnily enough, there was a team of dudes working on a PC Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod but they disappeared, along with their website very early this year.)
  • Cheaper ammo. Cheaper everything, really.

That's about it, I loved just about everything else about the game.

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GIVE ME MORE PLACES TO GO! That world was gigantic, make it gigantic-er.

Open World CO-op, shame the JC2 MP mod never got off the ground.

More easter eggs, I loved the whole Lost Island thing.

And Most importantly, more Bolo Santosi (Shes the leader of a revolutionary army know as the reapers.)

To be honest, I just want to see a Just Cause 3 exist.

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@Portis said:

  • Online co-op, for the love of God. PLEASE. (Funnily enough, there was a team of dudes working on a PC Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod but they disappeared, along with their website very early this year.)
I'm friends with the guy who headed that project. They had to stop because Avalanche couldn't give them the code they needed to continue due to legal reasons. It was either pack it in, or reverse engineer some part of the engine that would have been almost impossible. I'm an artist, not a coder so I have no clue exactly what he was talking about. 
It's a pity it went down though.
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They need more things to use the Chaos meter for. I maxed out my Chaos way too early in the game. An unlockable unbreakable grappling hook like I've seen in the PC mod would be cool. Also, why does everybody need to be so fucking realistic with how many weapons you can carry? Let me carry all the goddamn weapons I want! Go old school with that shit.

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  • Co-op
  • GTA like Rampages....How much damage can you do in 60 seconds sorta side missions.
  • More Destruction. When you explode a car next to a building, the building have some sorta damage of some sort. Though, those sorta physics can be pretty taxing on the graphics engine.
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Better health system.  First off, you die too easily in this game and it just plain sucks.  Let me regenerate faster or take more bullets or at least have a meaningful health/armor upgrade system.
Better ammo system.  Can I just regenerate bullets for the hell of it?  Nothing is more humiliating and annoying than grapple to a helicopter but have no bullets to shoot the passenger gunner...
Better targeting/aiming. Period.

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Make buying stuff easier. I hated having to skip through that damn cutscene EVERY TIME I bought something.

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I hope the keep the story and voice acting cheesy and unrealistic, I loved that in Just Cause 2.
Revamp the shop system and have weapons and vehicles become yours permanently and you never have to buy them again.
And make sure Sheldon gets his head blown off.

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