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Just cos', thats why!

I am going to use the following space to write about why Just Cause 2 is an arcade game for the next generation. 
In Just Cause 2 you do awesome stuff 100% of the time you are playing. You are never not diving through the air, jumping on a car or blowing some sh!t up. Its freakin' awesome. In say, Space Invaders, 100% of the time you are doing something awesome. You never get bored, even though the task is often repetative. In Space Invaders, if you die, then you boot up and go again. In Just Cause 2, if you die, you boot up and go again. In Space Invaders, I shoot ships that will inevitably kill me. In JC2, I face more and more soldiers that will inevitably kill me. But I don't care. I just boot back up and start blowing sh!t up again.
Not many games these days don't sanction you for dying. Normally you will lose some progress, or some gear or it will cost you some money. But in Just Cause 2 its like, "Hey, you died! Sh!t happens...have another sack full of coins and go play to your hearts content". Its strange because in Prince of Persia, you couldn't die...and that was rubbish. In this game you CAN die...but it doesn't matter and its awesome. I don't know why I hate one so much and not the other...especially since I get a load time everytime I die in JC2. I guess dying is an accepted standard in gaming that I don't like not having some control over.
The stuff it does right is so abundant I more than happy to breeze over a few foibles I have with it. It controls brilliantly, getting around is so wonderfully easy that you don't mind the huge distances. It looks lovely in places (Not everywhere) the views of the distance are incredible. It feels awesome to play. Everything is done with grace, elegance and style. I haven't just enjoying mucking around on game as much since GTAIV and its a game I think Rockstar could learn some stuff from for their next release. 
As a final point I love just how broken the game is in places...it really adds to the fun when you zip line to something and go right through it. This is another part of games that keeps me interested because it reminds me im just having so much fun.
Just Cause 2 is everything I love about arcade games, only with a next gen platform and that is what makes it so freakin' awesome. So kids, if you are ever wondering why your dad always banged on about how exciting Moon Crest was and you never got it, its because every time they dropped a coin in that slot, they got a little bit of awesome...and that is the same sensation you're getting from Just Cause 2. 
I think I could play this game for the rest of my life and not get bored.

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