alecrein's Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360) review

Just Cause 2, the pros and cons.

This review will be formulaic and generic: 
I am simply stating the pros and cons of the game, no more. BEAR IN MIND I have not completed the game although I am 25% complete with it (trust me that is big after 20 hours of gameplay). 
So here it is: 
 - Unrealistic and fun Physics make the game amazingly enjoyable. 
- Parachuting and slingshotting are going to be your main transportation and the scenery is gorgeous enough that you don't mind. 
- Flying a plane low to the ground will be a giant highlight of your game, not so much when you hit the ground . 
- The controls have a learning curve, but it isn't that large of one. 
- Unlocking and upgrading Black Market items (I.E. Guns, grenades, and vehicles) is throughly addictive. 
- The Game is massive, taking 15-20 min. minimum to get from one side to the other. 
- Addendum to the above, there are a vast amount of cities and many things to blow up and/or collect in them. 
-As with any massive game world it is rife with glitches. 
- The story is sub-par and predictable. 
- The Black Market menu is excruciating if you don't have the game installed on your Hdd, any more so if you plan to get multiple items from the black market. 
- Rico can survive giant falls or enormous explosions, but if he is shot more than 3 times he will be near death. Thus making the combat in the game tiresome and irritating at times, seeing as you'll find your self sprinting for cover or looking for a health pack on a building more than you will be actually fighting. 
- Missions are redundant stronghold missions play out the same almost all the time, escort technician/demolitionist to point B, right off the bat the gate is down in the stronghold gotta open before you can proceed. Always ends in you protecting the technician from a barrage of enemies ending in the stronghold commander. 
This is just a short-list of Pros and Cons as I play further this review will be updated.

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Posted by Peacefulpaul108

Just thought I'd let you know that this review format was very useful to me - I really enjoyed the clarity of the points you make and the simplicity of format . I think I can live with those cons for the sake of those pros! I'll be picking this one up for sure. 

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