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Free-Roam Classic

   I played the first Just Cause and thought it was ok. Once I seen some gameplay of Just Cause 2 and played the demo. I said I was going to get it.

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Actually Fun and enjoyable
  • Gameplay is Fantastic
  • Some excellent ideas executed perfectly
  • A lot of things to do
  • After beating the main story missions, most people have finished 30% of the game completion
  • Fun and intense missions
  • Horrible voice acting
  • Pointless Story
  • Terrible writing
        The story may not be the best or for that matter at least average,but the game is fun. This is one of those rare games that you won't find in many games that has good old fashion fun. I can name off multiple games that are more frustrating then fun but that would just make this review that much longer. Bottom of the line is if you are looking for a story buy a different game, if you are wanting action-packed, non-stop fun, then this is the perfect game.

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