hilfemaster's Just Cause 2 (PC) review

effin insane

Just Cause 2 has amazing graphics, a varied and interesting setting, crummy voiceacting and a paper thin story.
But that's not what Just Cause 2 is about, Just Cause 2 is about doing crazy shit like using your magical grappling hook to attach a tractor to a helicopter and use it as a wrecking ball or flying a jet-liner into an enemy colonel.
If you have ever felt constrained by the story and gameplay mechanics of the newer gta games, Just Cause is highly recommended.


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    Blowing shit up 0

    Just cause 2 is everything someone could want from a game that you unlock stuff by blowing shit up. Its a giant sprawling world with just that to do, blow shit up that is. Not to mention how many different collectables there are, from ones that you use to upgrade your weapons or vehicles with to just boxes full of money. That's really the meat of the game there's not much of a apparent story that's very interesting anyway, but that doesn't really matter; because your having to much fun in just t...

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    A great mix of excellent gameplay and stunning graphics 0

      The original Just Cause was a exceptional game let down by a lack of things to do, repetition was the order of the day and while it was fun it also got a little tiresome after a while. The sequel is a huge improvement, now the game involves a lot of blowing things up and general destruction and we all know that never gets old.     Love the View Graphically it's stunning, better than the first which is quite an achievement. The game is DirectX 10 only and as such does not run on...

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