mfpantst's Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360) review

The Most Realistic Game Ever

Let's just say I love this game.  It's great when my interwebz is slow and I can't play some game online to be able to pop this game in, find the nearest airport, steal a plane, and blow the shite out of some nearby base.  Just the other day I discovered an OIL RIG.  An OIL RIG.  That had things I could BLOW UP.  Plus I realized that as you blow the shit out of things, some things stay and some things don't.  For example, SAM installations stay blown up.  Helicopters re-spawn.  Some bases are so big that you can come in, blow up some shit, take a helicopter, fly around, blow up more shit, and take a brand new helicopter from the same spot you just came from.  What more can you ask for?  If you really are hurting, run away.  Come back later and blow shit up.  Seriously this game is alot of fun.  I don't think I've even played the story.  Who would do that when there is shit to BLOW UP.  
So there are some things I don't like about this game.  That annoying voice that keeps sending me messages no matter how I don't follow the story.   That's not cool.  Also, every time you unlock something the game freezes and goes to the PDA.  Really?  Usually I unlock something as I am BLOWING SHIT UP and really can't be bothered to know what the black market guy will give me for my left kidney this time.  Now the neat "spy" jet thingy you unlock rocks the heezy, but usually I crash it on take-off, so maybe that's not worth the mulah.  
One final gripe is that every time you save the game, your progress is saved but when you re-load the game you re-spawn back at some home base.  I literally have no clue how this works, and why I can't just start back at the point where I was STANDING ON A FUCKING BOAT that I JUST HIJACKED, instead of at that old guys' mansion.
Needless to say I will continue playing this game when my other games get boring (which happens alot) and be reminded that games are supposed to be fun, and games are games, not REAL LIFE.

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