excellr8's Just Cause 2 (PC) review

Best Sandbox Game Ever?

I've played a good deal of sandbox type games but none have been quite as fun as Just Cause 2. Firstly, I'd like to point out how great the game environment looks, and how amazing the Panau map really is. There's an overwhelming amount of exploring that can be done and the diverse regions flow together seamlessly and offer plenty of variation to players. The engine is very solid and there's barely a hitch when the action gets going.
The one thing that stands out about this title is the amount of freedom. The entire map is unlocked at the very start of the campaign and there is a large variety for means of transportation including planes, ships, and ATVs. Heck, there's even a garbage truck and a double layer bus! There are also a good amount of military armored vehicles in which to bring massive amounts of chaos and hilarity. The stunts are ridiculous at times but it wouldn't be as fun with more realistic principles.
The only cons surrounding this otherwise fantastic game are the characters; how none are likable. You play as a CIA agent  with a limited vocabulary and the faction leaders are more annoying than anything, but it works in this case. There are plenty of missions (some being more mundane than others) and many collectibles to be found throughout the massive game world. The physics are a little goofy but everything looks fantastic overall including the explosions. The game looses points for lackluster story and characters but that seems to be the trend with sandbox games anyways.
I'd highly recommend this game to people who like (huge) open-world game environments and like to wreak havoc any way they can. I mean if you don't have fun while playing this title I'm not sure what's wrong with you, consult your doctor!


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