godzilla_sushi's Black Market Aerial Pack (PlayStation 3) review

A True Must....Not Buy

For everybody out there hoping to get their crazy on with Just Cause 2's down loadable content, I give you this warning. Buyer beware....
Because Just Cause 2 can be a bevvy of insanity, consider the DLC limiting. The jet is unfortunately the most valuable. This plane is really quick, and for those of you out there trying to cover a lot of ground for the 75% achievement, it can be absolutely helpful in the endgame. But we aren't talking about that, because rules apply. The plane costs money.
What we are talking about is paying hard earned cash for DLC that you must pay for with in-game currency...
This game works best during chaotic and intense moments. So dying is a given. But for this death, you will lose this rocket parachute we have bought. Yes, the real cash we paid for this will be lost until we purchase it again with in-game currency. I cannot accept the fact that you can't enjoy the game's own additions for free. Any DLC, as fun as a rocket parachute, shouldn't cost me a dime. It feels like punishment for dying. I consider death in a game punishment, but I consider real money an issue.
I'm only sharing my experiences with it. Be weary of the money you spend on Xbox Live, when buying added content. If that content is hard to access, tread lightly. I would like to add that this game has yet to be patched and a specific bus is still missing from the vehicle list. You won't pay money for the bus, you just won't be paying for a glitch fix either.

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