piranesi's Just Cause 2 (PlayStation 3) review

You keep me hanging on ...

I've now put 90 hours into this pile of crap and won't stop until I hit 100% completion.
The story is rubbish, it's poorly acted, the character models are terrible, destroy the same three installations 369 times, collect too many items for weapon upgrades you'll never use, oh and it's full of game crashing bugs.  
My favourite game of 2010 so far. Why? Just 'cause ...

Posted by ShawnS

You people just aren't going to quit tempting me until I buy it are you!?! Knowing what I know, this was a perfect review!

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    If there was any way to best summarize Just Cause 2 it would be thusly: Thrilling, but mostly aggravating. Just Cause 2 attempts to deliver a huge playground of destruction that offers limitless entertainment, and though it mostly delivers on that premise, numerous rough edges cause it to stumble through varying degrees of annoyance. There's plenty of fun to be had, of course, which Just Cause 2 is able to deliver in spades, but the majority is overshadowed by its inconsistent quality. It...

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    I am going to use the following space to write about why Just Cause 2 is an arcade game for the next generation.   In Just Cause 2 you do awesome stuff 100% of the time you are playing. You are never not diving through the air, jumping on a car or blowing some sh!t up. Its freakin' awesome. In say, Space Invaders, 100% of the time you are doing something awesome. You never get bored, even though the task is often repetative. In Space Invaders, if you die, then you boot up and go again. In...

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