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Jyoji Hijiri is a reporter that appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. He writes for the occult magazine Akayashi Monthly, and his investigation into the bizarre rumors surrounding the Shinjuku Hygenic Hospital embroil him in the world-altering events of the Conception. As one of the few humans present in the hospital during the the Conception, Hijiri is seemingly spared from the massive death toll brought by the creation of the Vortex World. However, unlike the other humans that survive, he at no point attempts to form a Reason of his own. Instead, he turns his focus to the terminals of the Amala Network, using what he learns to help the Demi-Fiend in exchange for information until finally going mad. He is eventually taken prisoner by Isamu Nitta, who sacrifices Hijiri for the sake of his Reason.

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