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The game is set in the New World discovered by outcasts of medieval Europe. Kabod Online officially launched in 2011 December 7 using free to play model with RMT.

Other game features include:

  • A built-in auto-hunting tool (a bot, if you will);
  • Pioneer and Villain system;
  • Robbing (player looting);
  • Item enhancement;
  • A bad translation.

NPC dating and gambling is planned for future patches.

Playable Classes

There are 3 basic classes: Knight, Mage and Rogue that can choose one of two specialities upon reaching level 20. The specialities are:

  • Assassin or Archer for Rogues
  • Priest or Wizard for Mages
  • Guardian or Berserker for Warriors

Skills and abilities

Starting classes can learn 2 skills: one offensive ability and one self-buff that increases a single statistic (strength for Knights, intelligence for Mages, agility for Rogues). Promotion grants access to 3 more skills (or 4 in the case of Priests).

System requirements

CPUPentium 4 (2 GHz)Pentium 4 (2,8 GHz) or better
RAM1 GB2 GB or more
VGAGeForce FX5600GeForce 6600GT or better

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