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Kaepora Gaebora appears several times (mainly during the first half) in Ocarina of Time and emerged a couple of times during Majora's Mask as well. His role in both games was to dole out advice and clues to Link to try and assist him in his quests. However, he is infamous for being extraordinarily annoying; after spouting a long segment of dialogue of dubious utility, he asks in a convoluted way whether or not Link would like to hear what he said again. Often, during long, boring spiels of text, the player will have been arbitrarily tapping the A button, and because the option to stop talking to Kaepora isn't always the first one the cursor falls upon, the player may end up having to read through exactly what Kaepora just said again without meaning to. This is very much a source of frustration for many fans of the game.

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