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Kaettekita Mario Bros. ("The Return of Mario Bros.") is an updated rerelease of the original Mario Bros. arcade game, which was one of the first games to be ported to the NES console. It adds a few new features to the format, including improved controls for Mario, cutscenes and the ability to save high scores with the Famicom Disk Reader's save function, but is otherwise identical.

The game was part of the Disk Writer system in Japan, where players could write new games over old Famicom disks at special machine vendors found in video game stores and other likely locales. This made the games cheaper to buy (as it minimized production costs) but also made games that were exclusive to this service, such as Kaettekita Mario Bros, harder to find for collectors.

Inexplicably, the game also has a sponsor: Nagatanien, a Japanese producer of seasonings for rice and noodle dishes. Mario had also previously appeared on Nagatanien Japanese TV commercials. This makes Kaettekita Mario Bros. an early example of an advergame.

The European version of Mario Bros., named Mario Bros. Classic, was based off this game rather than the NES original.

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