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Kagain is a recruitable Dwarf Fighter in Baldur's Gate. He can be found inside a store in Beregost, where he runs a business hiring mercenaries to escort caravans. One of his escorted caravans, with the son of Duke Silvershield, has gone missing, and he asks the player to assist him in finding it. Once you do find the caravan, just north of Beregost, Kagain will find the dead body of the Duke's son, claim that he will be a wanted man for this death, and offer to help the player hunt bandits to restore his reputation. (Later, if he gets too unhappy in the group, he will say his reputation must have been restored by now, and leave.)

Kagain does not like to speak of himself or his past, but the impression is more that he doesn't want anyone to know anything they might be able to use against him  than that it causes him distress. He is disdainful of elves, very fond of money, indifferent to the deaths of other party members, and outright despises Yeslick for his very different outlook on life.

As a Fighter, Kagain suffers from low dexterity and mediocre strength, but his constitution score of 20 means not only that he has a ton of hitpoints, but also that he will regenerate hitpoints as time passes. Even an all but dead Kagain will usually fully recover in the time it takes to travel from one map to the next.

His weapon of choice is an axe.

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