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Kagome, outraged, yells the subdual command at Inuyasha
Kagome, outraged, yells the subdual command at Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi lives in modern Tokyo, Japan in the year 1997. She lives in a Japanese temple passed down to her family through the generations. Inside the old temple grounds is an ancient, worn down well house... it just so happens that the well inside is a means of transportation to feudal Japan! On her 15th birthday, Kagome is deliberately transported to the "sengoku jidai" (feudal era) by a centipede demon lusting for a hidden power within her body - the sacred Jewel of Four Souls, the Shikon no Tama. As the the reincarnation of an ancient miko (priestess) by the name of Kikyo, Kagome is adored by the peasant masses of the feudal village she found herself in.

Finding that the centipede demon had not merely disappeared when she was pulled through the well, Kagome is faced with the beast once more. In a desperate bid for the safety of the villagers, Kagome runs back to the well, drawing away the menace and, unfortunately for Kagome, leaving herself alone to face a supernatural being she has no hope to overpower. As she approaches the largest tree near the well, the sacred God Tree, Goshinboku, Kagome finds a strange sight. A boy with dog ears is pinned to the tree and he mocks her, calling her by the name Kikyo, her soul's predecessor. Pinned to the tree with a sacred arrow, the boy, Inuyasha, realized Kagome is not Kikyo and offers her a trade: if she unpins him from the tree, he will save her from the centipede demon.

The Shikon no Tama ripped from her body by the now dead centipede demon, Kagome finds herself the subject of attack by all manner of demon - even Inuyasha. Finding the jewel stolen from her grasp by a greedy carrion bird demon, Kagome tries desperately to get it back, shooting an arrow imbued with holy powers at the vile creature. Instead of merely killing the demon, however, Kagome shatters the jewel with her arrow, its shards propelled to the far reaches of Japan. The guilt of sending such power to those who might exploit it causes Kagome to put aside her other  obligations.

And so begins Inuyasha's and Kagome's quest to complete the sacred Shikon no Tama.

Kagome battles demons, makes friends, and faces the horrors of school exams while missing school; all for the sake of her quest.


Pitted against each other, Kagome and Inuyasha square off
Pitted against each other, Kagome and Inuyasha square off

Half demon, half human, Inuyasha desires the power of his demon half but reviles his human heritage. Not welcome in either world, Inuyasha is suspicious of Kagome's unrequested and continual offer of friendship and support. Not one to trust easily, Inuyasha wages an internal struggle against unfamiliar feelings for the girl, unable to rectify such feelings with the overwhelming guilt from her previous incarnation's death.


A wolf demon prince, Koga falls in love with Kagome as soon as he sees her. Not hearing Kagome's rejection of his love, if not his friendship, Koga constantly fights Inuyasha for her attention.

Miroku enjoying the company of good women.
Miroku enjoying the company of good women.

Miroku, a Buddhist monk who takes pleasure in the baser pleasures of life - food, wine and women - is a man with a smooth voice and a charming smile. If it were not for his cursed hand - one that inappropriately caresses Kagome time and time again - his charms might better have the desired effect of enticing the woman to his bed.


A demons slayer, tragically the last of her kind, Sango offers a sisterly ear for Kagome, the two bonding well as they defend each other's honour from the pervert monk Miroku. Stalwart in her defence of the younger girl, Sango is strong in both body and personality.

Shippo determined to meet any challenge
Shippo determined to meet any challenge

Orphaned by the vile demonic Thunder Brothers, Shippo looks to Kagome as a mother, her constant attentions serving only to encourage such an attachment. Vying for her favour in competition with his male role model, Inuyasha, this young fox (kitsune) demon child offers his assistance - whether moral or physical - whenever possible.



Wind witch and incarnation of Naraku, Kagura has destroyed the lives of many Kagome cares about. Despite Kagura's hatred for her master, Naraku, she obeys him - at least superficially - in the fear of his retribution; Naraku holds her heart - literally - in his hand and would indeed crush it in the instant she would wilfully betray him.


Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo. Through the use of dark magics, Kikyo is brought back to the mortal realm in the clay constructed body by the witch Urusue who coveted Kikyo's power. Wanting nothing more than to drag Inuyasha to hell with her for all eternity, Kikyo will go to any lengths to achieve her goal - even if it means putting Kagome in danger.


Naraku is the most vile and heinous demonic force in feudal Japan. This despicable villain is responsible for so many hurtful and corrupted plots that even Kagome cannot think to offer him a second chance. Often choosing to pit family members or lovers against those that they love and trust, Naraku thrives off of the misery, anger, envy, lust, and hatred his deceptions cause.

Sesshoumaru and his loyal retainer, Jaken
Sesshoumaru and his loyal retainer, Jaken

Half-brother to Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru barely acknowledges Kagome, his disdainful opinion of humans dictating that such recognition would be unwarranted. Despite his low opinion of humans, he has in his care a young human girl, named Rin, his cold and heartless demeanour in contradiction with such an uncharacteristic show of compassion.

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