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Kagura attacks swiftly with a wave of her fan.
Void Demon Kanna and her sister Kagura (reflected in the mirror)
Kagura, an incarnation of Naraku, is a wind witch who has no freedom. Longing to be as free as the wind that she controls, Kagura goes to any length to free her heart from Naraku's grasp, literally. In an attempt to gain her freedom, Kagura aproaches Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in turn. Sesshoumaru rejects her call for help, indicating that if she is too weak to free herself then she does not deserve his aid. Inuyasha makes several attempts to aid the wind witch, each of which fail to varying degrees.

Kagura's preferred method of attack is by animating dead corpses to physically confront her foes. Alternately, she uses several ranged attacks by hurling energy waves from her fan to her enemy, including 'Dance of the Dragon'.

One of many incarnations, Kagura bares no love for her brethren, excepting Kanna, demon of the void.

As one test of loyalty, Naraku had Kagura slaughter Koga's wolf demon tribe. This reprehensible act spurned Koga to act against Naraku and the wind witch, inciting him into a quest for vengance impossible to deflect.

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