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Kai is a prince of Kliph, and the leader of the heroic faction in Battle Heat. He is willing to do what it takes to take out Gotz von Dark. He also hopes to find his missing father.
Age: 27 
Height: 182 cm 
Weight: 83kg 
ProximityMove nameCommandDescription
 Close Hook Up-right heavy attack A hook punch.
 Close Blizzard Suplex When landing a low attack, right, up-right, up heavy attack Kai comboes a suplex off of his low attack.
 * Backspring Kick While moving away, special Kai does a backwards flipping kick. This can only be performed while backing away.
  Close or far Critical Counter Unknown Kai randomly seems to get a special counterattack when you try to block a high attack...sometimes!
 Far High Kick up-right heavy attack Kai does a high kick.
 * Flying Hizakeri While advancing, special Kai does some sort of explosive knee attack on the opponent.
 Far Neuro Drive (small) qcf, special Kai throws a small projectile at his opponent.
 Far Neuro Drive (big) hcf, special Kai throws a large projectile at his opponent
 Far Hyaku washitsumeken rapidly press special A strikingly familiar move. Where have I seen this before?
 Far Screw moeha charge left, right special Kai throws a tornado at his opponent.

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